Monday, August 24, 2009

The Heavy Weight of Stuff

Busy weekend. I am so exhausted I hope my words make sense. Friday, in order to get ready for the carpet guys Saturday, I moved all the books into the shower by myself. Whew! Seven am Saturday morning Dan and I moved all the miscellaneous junk so the carpet guys could just move furniture and put in the new $3500.00 carpet. They got started around 9:30 and while they were busting that out (until around 4pm) Dan and I worked on the house. Dan painted the outside of the house while I ran the weekly errands. We got a tomato from the CSA so I made us a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch. I'm so tired I can't even remember what else Dan and I did 2 days ago! I remember Rich came buy and took Pixel our beloved kitty and that we finished for the day and had dinner at 7. Sunday is a different story. I think I will remember that like a woman giving birth remembers labour. It was painful, but the pain is slowly ebbing away as I see how great the house looks. Everything is so sparse, open and clean. I vow to never accumulate so much stuff again! While Dan painted the guest bedrooms and installed 2 ceiling fans, I cleaned the window frames where 8 years of scuzz had grown cozy. I sanded the window sills and stained them and last but not least, I cleaned the windows. Every window in the house got the treatment. We got some old english furniture polish and I went around and hit all the trim. It is amazing how that stuff erases scratches. I saw some furniture and bathroom cabinets that looked really thirsty so I gave those a polish as well. I rearranged the furniture that I could move, brought the things that were unnecessarily crowding up the space into the basement, made lunch, made the beds, and did laundry. When we were good and tired, around 7:30 that night, we took all those books and moved them downstairs. We liked how open the loft looks without them and we didn't want to put them back up because we are taking the bookshelves. We had a great relay going. Dan fished them out of the tub and placed them and the foot of the stairs on the main floor on a table. I took them from there and brought them to the basement and stacked them against the wall. Holy cow, we were in our fat burning zone for about 90 minutes straight. Baxter is outside whining to come in because he does not like the bug zapper and it was going crazy. With every heft of a stack of books to my chin, with every step down the stairs, every lowering the books to the ground, every walk back up the stairs to get another stack, I cursed myself for having so much stuff, notably books! They are 4 deep down there! I want a Kindle, I could have all those books in there, and it would be a lot easier to move around! Today we are finishing up. Our realtor just left, leaving a lock box and for sale sign in her wake and taking a plant with her. Dan installed a new screen door, did yard work and is now caulking. I am off to make lunch after having done some yard work. I'm going to use a lot of CSA veggies for a stir fry; Spinach, kholorabi, zucchinni, carrots, and eggplant. I'll roast up the beets for a maple, pecan, goast cheese salad later in the week and get dinner prepped so Dan can caulk around the sink. Dinner? Julia Child's zuchinni gratin. Zuchinni and onion sauteed, turned into some white gravy with gruyere cheese, topped with bread crumbs and baked until bubbly. We'll have it on country bread toasts with a glass of wine. Oh, my lazy-girl is calling...

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