Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad mana

I'm not into Lahaina. It's all about shopping. It's picturesque allright.

It's the richest part of the island with shop after shop selling Maui style goods. After going to the grocery store to check out prices, we went to Front street to get some ice cream. It reminded Dan of Vail. Hard to find parking and one central place to pee. As we are eating our ice cream, I accidentally inhale some. Ice cream going down the wrong pipe is the worst. I could barely breathe for a good 5 minutes. Dan was checking out the ukulele shop, hand made from koa, and the tiki shop. He wants to do wood carving here. The whole time I just wanted to leave. Dan later said he had a headache the whole time we were there. We drove through Kanapali, another rich town. Shortly there after we were driving down narrow mountain passages, sometimes desert like, other times lush tropical wildness. Through huge mountain valleys, cliffs covered in green really, and around narrow one lane roads with sheer drop offs to the ocean below.

See that line halfway through the mountain, yhea, that's the road!

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