Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Return from Hana

We finally get into Hana and stop for an overpriced lunch.

Dan gets a kulua pulled pork sandwich and I get a mahimahi sandwich with mango mojitos all around. We decide to make the loop instead of heading back the way we came and we are rewarded. The road is cut into the rocky cliffs and there is a sheer drop off to the ocean.

The smooth, paved highway turns into a rutted highway and the terrain is rolling green hills against the cliff like mountains.

We check out the other mountain town Kula, but decide we wouldn't want to live there because the drive is out of the way to get to the beach. Dan says it's not so Kula! Sunset greets us when we get back home and Dan is itching to get his feet wet. As we walk along the beach, the sun setting, we see turtles in the ocean coming up for air. After a shower, we decide to have sushi up the street. It is a great meal for a decent price (it's more expensive in Maui than Kauai) and I'm stoaked because it's my first meal using chopsticks! Dan has the spicey pork and I the spicey squid.

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