Sunday, December 13, 2009

A "Conversation" with Gracie

Today is the day after the going away party Bill and Carol threw for us. I will post about that in a different post because it was full of friendship, love and joy, this one is not. Like I predicted, no one from my family came to our going away party. It made me sad because a lot of people came to send us off and I wanted my family to be there. Not only to share in the joy we felt from everyone but so they could meet some of our friends

I'm blogging this incase I start to miss my family, this will be a reminder. We got to bed around 3am last night. Deb had taken us to and from the party because she knew we would be drinking and wanted to make sure we would be safe. This morning we woke up around 9 and I made German apple pancakes breakfast. Deb bought us a book for our new Kindle's for us to read on our trip and gave me a little clip on light. We looked at last nights pictures and enjoyed each others company.

Today is Paige's birthday and they are having a party for her. I told dad yesterday that we wouldn't be going to Paige's party because we'd probably be out late. After Deb left we were watching TV, in and out of sleep, when I got a text from Gracie.

Gracie: Hey when u comin over

Marta: We aren't going to be able to come over today honey tell Paige happy birthday for us

Gracie: r u drunk see u in 5 years

Marta: Why are you being so rude? Why would you say something so mean?

Gracie: Well u r not common to Paige's b day

Marta: You didn't come to our going away party and I'm not being mean to you

Gracie: Well we were making christmas cookies at my grandmas

Marta: I guess we all have our good reasons

Gracie: Sorry we had 200 cookies to bake and yes u r see you in 5 years I guess

Marta: I guess we won't come over for Christmas then.

Gracie: Well if you can't make it here than how could u make it to Christmas but I guess I will still love you

I'm flaming pissed right now. Really? I imagine my folks over there feeding this nonsense to everyone. I don't even want to say how I really feel about this whole thing and now they are putting the kids in the middle. Dan already doesn't want to go over there for Christmas, but the whole reason we are delaying our move is to spend the holidays with my family. It makes me wonder why I want to do this. Oh yea, Guilt.

Gracie: I guess I am sorry totally sorry

Marta: It's ok honey, I know you just want us to come over. I know you are just responding to what the adults in your life are saying. We love you, we love all of you and just because we can't come over today doesn't mean we don't and it doesn't mean we won't see you till 5 years from now.

My family has a great way of making me feel like an ass!

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