Monday, December 21, 2009

Digital Media

Emo posted a very interesting article on Facebook yesterday. It was called How to Live Happily on 75 Percent Less. Since we will be living on considerably less than that soon, I had to read it. One video RE:Invention took my breath away. This is a 10 minute story about people who have been affected by the economy through layoffs or swindled by Bernie Madoff. Their lives are richer for their losses. Another video about how to profit from your passion interviews Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush it! He is all about digital media and its presence today. He is sure that like the corporate newspaper downfall, cable television subscriptions are next. He talks, passionately, about creating content for the web. Writing, videos, or audio. It doesn't matter, just create content and a lot of it. So this got my little brain churning. I have two ideas that I am really excited about. One, either continue this blog or create a new one called Island Life. Dan and I are buying a HD camera (the guy in the interview says quality doesn't matter but, come on, we're talking about Hawaii here) and with that we will travel around Kauai/Hawaii and shoot snorkel trips, events, concerts, surf competitions, hikes, bike rides, places to go and post them on the blog. We get to travel around, do cool stuff, meet cool people and write it off, possibly (hopefully) making a living. The second idea is another blog. This one would be about organic, sustainable food. Dan and I could go to restaurants, farmers markets, farms, fisherman, stores and do interviews/reviews for the blog. Brenda is going to put us in touch with her friend Nancy, she has an idea for a mini doc for the web, based on her life. Which would be interesting and fun. While shooting we could blog about her farm on the food blog. Or, we could go to the place we stayed at in Poipu, shoot the condos, orchid garden and restaurant. We could post on the Island Life blog as well as the food blog, all while writing it off! So that's my idea, today...

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