Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 2

We rise with the sun. Laying in my husbands arms, listening to the roosters cock-a-doodle-doing, I feel at peace. The moist air caresses my skin, fragrance from the flowers outside waft in. We love our new mattress, made of environmentally friendly memory foam, and a great night’s sleep has invigorated me. Our new home is like a tree house. We are enclosed by a 20 foot tree fence. It’s private, and from our place, you can see treetops forever. We stand naked, on our little landing at the top of the stairs, and watch the sunrise.

Ilissa gave me a hairclip and dubbed it the friendship clip. Having given up on my wild hair she thought it would help tame it. It does, I comb my hair and put in my friendship clip. We throw on our flip flops, I'm wearing a flimsy skirt and a blousey top. Small Town Coffee has free Wi-Fi so we set our laptops up outside and eat a bagle, sip some coffee and get on the Internet. There is a retired couple sitting next to us only, they're not a couple. They're good, old friends comfortable with eachother. They roll their own cigarettes, she writes and draws, he reads the paper commenting aloud on it's articles. Their friends stop by, he has been here since '94 and seems to know everyone. Clearly posted on the window is a no smoking sign but everyone on the deck is smoking!

We walk, hand in hand through promanads, hallways and sidewalks finding things to make our house a home. Nightstands, towel racks, bathroom shelves, shower shelf, dustpan and broom. We look at high arched faucets for the kitchen, $250.00, should of brought ours. $500.00 for a full size stove, should we? The one in the treehouse is old and gross. I turn onto an asile that Dan is in, he looks up, smiles and says I look pretty, I love it because I'm not feeling too pretty now-a-days. We have desert before lunch and stop to get a shave ice (not shaved ice), it's like a snow cone only better, because it's in Hawaii!

Linghi Mui (red, Dan) coconut (me)

Our last stop is Costco, we're getting the couch we saw yesterday. We get there just in time, it's the last one left. On the way out, 10 people say they want that couch, including the cashieer. Two people tell us they have it (one lady works there) and that we're going to love it.The couch is difficult to get inside. Dan and I managed to get it to the top of the stairs before I became useless. I just didn't have the strength to heave it over my head to manuver it just so. Luckily, Phil and Simone came home then. Phil runs up the stairs, chiding us under his breath for not waiting for him (it looked like rain) and helps Dan. They heave and hoe, to no avail. Simone runs Phil up some tools and he has the screen door off in no time. Still unable to get the couch in he knocks off the eve with his hammer, and it goes in. (I had a picture of this but it went missing)

After a lunch of turkey sammies with avacado ($1.00 each, 2x as big as ones in Colorado) we get to work. Dan assembles the "dining table" and chairs (actually patio furniture), puts together the bathroom shelves and one of the nightstands. I clean the kitchen cabinets (they are filthy), line them with shelf liner and put away the things Brian shipped us. I also clean glasses, bowls and glass tupperware, dry them and put them away.

The "dining room"

Sitting on the couch, the window open, rain is pouring down outside. We are spent but clean having just taken showers.The TV is searching for all available channels, there are a lot and it's taking forever. I'm going to make dinner; fresh pineapple and macadamia nuts!

P.S. I had a lot more pictures of the house I was going to post but I'll save the long, involved story, it didn't work. I may not be posting regularly until we get the Internet, my phone can't handle it and we can't afford to keep paying $25.00 for breakfast so I can use the Wi-Fi, plus, it's irritating the %$#! out of me to...well, I said I was going to skip that part!! Dan is on the phone right now trying to get it set up now, so hopefully soon!


  1. Have room for an inflatable mattress and a white furry dog? LOL I love reading your updates...that picture of you and the dogs on couch has a calming effect on me. :)

  2. That's good! I was relaxed. If we move the couch we can put a blow up mattress in, but it is cozy!!!