Friday, January 15, 2010


Dan is looking forward to getting to our new home, he woke at 4:15 and couldn't go back to sleep. I  think once we get there and all the little details are resolved, he'll sleep like a baby. I had a great nights sleep. Mom is already making breakfast, the smell of coffee drifting down to us. We get cleaned up and go upstairs.  On the menu; Spanish coffee, OJ, sliced grapefruit halves, and cuban sammies (my request). The dogs are a little neurotic, all the chaos and confusion has left them wondering if we are going to sell them like we have everything else. They are really clingy, not letting me out of their sight and wanting to be pet every available moment. They know grandma and grandpa's house and after the excitement of seeing them again wears off, they seem to have calmed down. I was going to bring them back to the house for the final packing but I decide it would be better to leave them with mom and dad, they love it at grandma and grandpa's! Dan and I go to Starbuck's to get some coffee and use the Wi-Fi then head over to Starz, they have a reimbursement check for us.

The U Haul store is tricky to find. We see all the trucks in the parking lot of a gas station/convenience store but no store front. Frustrated, Dan parks the jeep in front of the gas station. Inside, by the cash register, is a small U Haul sign. Turns out they are also a cleaners.

It takes us less than an hour to pack the truck. Betty is in the house cleaning and Dan and Irvin load the cedar chest. It is the only piece of furniture we are bringing and it's loaded with stuff: my Kitchen Aid mixer, food processor, ice cream maker, a motar and pestle, and stuffed full with whatever Deb and I could fit. The truck is loaded so Dan checks the mail, keys, cleans up the dog leavings and winter proofs the house. Betty is still cleaning and we cant lock up so we go to Las Delicias with Sue and Irvin. Luckily, our favorite waiter/bartender Jesus is there. We order up a Cazadores margarita, Jesus makes a mean one, and wait for our meal. Irvin is dreaming about Hawaii so we talk about what it's like and the conversation moves to great books. Final hugs, they go off to celebrate their anniversary and we head over to UPS. The Dish Net receivers need to be dropped off, then to Wells Fargo to cash the check from Starz, back home to lock up and back to Main Street to give our realtor the keys. The buyer's realtor never made arrangements to do a walk through or get the keys. Oh, well!

Mom and dad are warm by the fire, watching TV, when we get there. I unload the truck while Dan puts the jeep on the trailer. A quick shower later and we are having dinner at Carrabba's. Dad toasts to success, fun and adventure and we give them the details of our new lives. We talk about finances, health insurance, jobs, our house and try to teach him some Hawaiian names. Back home he's eyes close despite his best efforts and Dan calls it a night.

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