Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The highlight of today was having lunch at Verde and dinner at Kintaros. Other than that we napped, blogged, and watched TV.

My Veggie Stuffed Sopaipilla; local greens, chili-lime dressing, guacamole, potatoes, green chili sauce and cheese, YUM!!!

Dan's Al Pastor Pork Burrito; Pico de gallo, cheese, potatoes, cilantro and green chili sauce. YES!

We are so glad we can get green chili and burritos here. Verde is owned by a husband and wife team. He is a classically trained chef and she does the marketing and accounting. The food here is fresh (you can get the Ahi Tuna or catch of the day fish tacos) and flavorful, better than Chipotle's. We will be regulars!

I went to the dentist the other day and was able to find someone to do the implant. I'll have a tooth in one month, yea! This is how small Kauai is. Irene works at the front desk in the dentist's office. She is totally cute and totally nice. Plus, every time I see her she has fresh flowers in her hair, that's pretty cool. She is full on Hawaiian. Her family, going back generations, has been here since the plantation days. They all live on 20 acres, across the street from us, and even have burial sites on the property. We went to Kintaro because Justin, our guide last June, recommended. Irene asked us if we went there because we looked familiar to her. She is the first person we see in Kintaro, she works there too. She comes over and gives me a hug! I love her. We have sushi. This is my third time trying it, I really want to like it. But, I'm not a sushi girl. The combination of HUGE bites and nori kick in my gag reflexes. Next time I'll have something else. We got three appetizers we didn't order, I guess everyone gets them automatically. Lightly seared tuna, a salad and wontons. We also have some hot saki (thank you Dyanne) and a local beer. Still full from lunch, we only order two rolls. A California roll with broiled salmon on top and one with eel and avocado, both are rolled in caviar. The California roll with the salmon was good but I could only do one bite of the eel. We come home and Phil, our neighbor, Simone (his wife) and Phil's sister come into the yard to say hi. They had a little party last night and were apologizing for the noise. I told her we were so tired from canoe club, we fell right asleep. Turns out, Marco, who Dan paddled with last night and who goes to the Wailua Golf Course where Simone works as a bartender, was at their house. After canoe club, he went over there. Simone even knows Irene and my dentist, his brother sings karaoke where Simone works. Small world here on Kauai! 

Irene at Kintaro

Seared Ahi Tuna

Salad and wontons with a peanut dipping sauce

What's left of the California rolls

Eel and avacado


  1. Eel? Eeee-uuuuwwwww :<

  2. Yea, didn't much like it! It came highly recommended though, Irene's favorite!