Saturday, October 2, 2010


Last night we celebrated mom and dads 56th wedding anniversary, it's actually October 16th but we celebrated a little early. Our friend Puamana has captured mom and dads heart so we invited her along.  four hour evening started with a tram ride around the 30 acre gardens before stopping for the imu (e moo) ceremony. An imu is an underground oven where they take a whole pig, wrap it in banana leaves and bury it underground. They sometimes add chicken, fish, breadfruit among other things. The pig, once cooked this way, is called Kalua Pork. The blew conch shells north, south, east and west, reminding me of Native American ceremonies. Then two men unearthed the pork. We enjoyed all you can drink mai tais while we listened to a Hawaiian band play and watched a hula girl dance. The food was fantastic! All you can eat Kalua Pork, Teriyaki Beef, Adobo Chicken, Sweet and Sour mahimahi, salads, the ubiquitous mac salad, mashed potatoes, Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes, fried rice, poi, loom salmon and deserts. After dinner we enjoyed the show in an open air amphitheater lit by torches. All luaus are different and this one focused on the diversity of the Hawaiian people. The show was called the "Golden people of Hawaii" and celebrated all the cultures including Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, New Zealand, China and Japan. We had a great time and mom and dad loved it!

Dan bought mom and me a lei



cows and goats were in the gardens

along with lots of beautiful flowers.

Puamana adds a flower to mom's hair.

The three ladies

Mom, dad and Puamana

The only family picture we got, it's a little blurry though.

Flowers in my hair.


mom and dad loving it up!


Hula while we ate

Puamana and I wait for the show to start

Pele the fire Goddess

Blowing a conch shell

Hawaiian hula

The back side of Tahaitian dancers moving their hips really fast!

Tahitian dancers




Chinese dance

fire knife dance

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