Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Packing

Dan got up at 4:15 this morning and feels pretty good. A cramp in his leg woke him up and he thinks it's because he had to sleep in a weird position because little Lucy was owning some precious space on the bed. I got up at 6, feeling really rested. After a soy crumble and egg white wrap for breakfast we got to work. Dan's big project for the day was the garage. I started on the kitchen emptying out everything I wanted to pack from the cabinets and pantry. I left everything I'm not taking for Deb and her son Travis to go through. Dyanne pretty much cleaned out the freezer in the garage, so I guess now all that's left is to do is clean it. Sigh. We sat down to a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and took a nap until Deb came over. With her help I was able to get the kitchen stuff packed. Bernie came by to get an end table and loads of miscellaneous computer stuff for her husband. We went to Granelli's for a last taste of our favorite pizza accompanied by our favorite red wine Layer Cake. Of course, I fell asleep during the movie and again went straight up to bed.

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