Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thoughts Become Things

Dan's panorama of Hanalei Bay.

Two years ago, we returned from our vacation in Kauai and began the process of moving. In the six months it took us to move, I spent every night “feeling” how my new life would be. 
This week we went to a cafe for a restaurant profile. There was a jazz band, it's a charming place to eat!

I didn’t get into specifics like, “On April 25, 2012, I wrote an awesome book and earned $2,000,000,000.00.” But, I was specific about how I wanted to feel, and what my life would be like. 
Dan always takes the pictures for my articles, and while we waited for our food, he took pictures of the table! Here's what he shot.

I believe thoughts become things. Thoughts reflect how you see the world, and how you see the world informs your actions. Everyone faces the same stresses, fears and insecurities. It’s what you tell yourself that makes the difference. If you say to your self, “I could never do that!” Then you’ve already decided. It’s like my mom used to say, “If you don’t ask, you already have no for an answer.”
I also interviewed a farmer who grows green chilies! YES! I do miss the green chilies that are going off right now in Colorado!

In order for me to get some really juicy thoughts going, I have to feel really good. Luckily, I have a dog who likes to snuggle. I move the sheets back, pat the side of the bed and he silently hops in. 
John tells me about Breadfruit.

I’m on my side, and he is on his—we are both facing the wall. He cinches himself closer until there is no space between my skin and his fur. Soon, he is softly snoring, and I am happily feeling his love.

I also believe that love is the most powerful emotion, and the only thing worth living for. You can give love to your cat, neighbor, spouse or a stranger. It’s as simple as a heartfelt wish for the other to be happy, a thanks for making you happy.  
I ended up doing two weeks of stories this week, Dan got this shot at a cake tasting we went to.

I love my dog very much, and petting his soft fur while he nuzzles next to me makes my heart and spirit soar into realms of possibility. I feel what it would be like to be creative everyday. To be challenged in my work; to have interesting work; to have days filled with fun and laughter; to have more money than I need to pay for my life; to make connections; to see the beauty that surrounds me; to be curious and adventurous; to rely on my instincts—of how I feel, to dictate my decisions. If it feels bad, I won’t do it. No matter how good it sounds.
We went to Kilohana Plantation to do a story on a train ride.

Every morning I wake to the sun rising, the roosters crowing, and somewhere in the night, Baxter has jumped back up to my side. I think about all I have to be grateful for. A loving husband; two awesome dogs; a warm, safe and dry roof over my head; health; work I am passionate about; new friends; a fridge loaded with fresh, local food; the rugged glory of the mountains and the tranquil power of the sea; a soft bed and warm water.
Dan listens to his instincts.

Everyday is a gift. I’ve always known this, but living my dreams makes life delicious. Everyday I get to wake when I want, write about what I like, love and be loved, I get paid to be me, and walk in the astounding nature that surrounds me. It’s amazing, and I created it!

My book club meets at Lydgate Beach Park. This month's book was called Infidel. You can see my shadow in the picture.


  1. Caffe Coco -- one of my fave Kauai (and anywhere) restaurants!

    Do you receive Mike Dooley's daily "Thoughts from the Universe"? It's a great way to start the day. He finishes the "thoughts become things" idea with "choose the good ones"... SO key, imho... CHOOSE...

    Great pix, as usual, even your shadow! "Every pictures has its shadows, and it has some source of light..." ~Joni Mitchell


  2. I stumbled on this video earlier tonight...

    ...which reminded me of the sentiments you express in this post.

    Also, Dan's mention of your fisherman interview(s) reminded me how this "CSA for Seafood" made me think, "someone should do this on Kauai"... I thought I'd stop back by and do a bit of sharing! ;-)

  3. Me again! ;-)

    So, this is a blogspot background... I thought it was a Dan pic until I clicked through here...

    Life is interesting... ;-)

  4. Nope not a Dan pic, although I should talk to him about getting one. Thanks for the links, I liked them both. I even shared the first one on my facebook page!