Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kauai Sunrise

A video Dan took just before sunrise. 

Dan and I got to see the sunrise over the ocean this morning and I wanted to share it with you. It's kind of embarrassing, but today is the first time in two years that we've gone to the beach just to watch the sun rise.

We got up three hours before dawn, and decided to go to the 24-hour laundry mat. While the clothes dried, we munched on Burger King bacon and egg croissants. I read while Dan played chess on his iPhone, Lucy napped on my lap. The laundry was folded just as dark was giving way to light, so we decided to go to Baby Beach. 
Dan instantly regretted not bringing his camera. He’s they type of guy who likes to wake up slow and easy, so I don’t expect he’d be thinking about a chance photo session at 5 a.m. He did have his phone, so he captured these images.
The beach is a narrow strip, about 30 yards long, fronted by a two-lane road. Tucked in between two trees, an older couple slouched in camping chairs and warmed their hands with a cup of coffee. A young lady sat in the cab of her old Chevy pickup and stared at the ocean through the windshield. Across the street, sea weathered and red-dirt stained houses face the beach.  

A rooster followed by two chickens scurried across the shore, picking up inedible objects with their beaks and flinging them aside. The water was a glassy dark blue as the sun winked to life and flung orange rays across the horizon. It grew into a big, fat fiery ball that lit the tips of cresting waves. 

We were sitting at a picnic table sheltered by a large Ironwood tree. I twisted behind me to wring out my back and give my eyes a break from the dazzling light. Just then, a slender young lady in a frilly pink nightgown flounced onto her grassy front yard. Cloaked in the chilly morning air, her long blond hair curled around her shoulders as she stood barefoot to watch the sunrise.

I turned back to that brightest star and closed my eyes. The sun warmed my face and luminous spots danced on the back of my eyelids. I took a deep, full breath of the fresh salt air, and silently thanked the Universe for allowing me to witness such a glorious sight. And for being able to live in such a beautiful place. 

I hope this brightens your day.

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