Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This morning I woke up with Fergie's "Glamorous" song in my head and by the time we left for work I couldn't shake it. So, I batted my eyes and asked in my sweetest voice if I could play it on the way in. Grudgingly he said yes. He's really not into that kind of music. So I played it, and I loved it. Bouncing around, singing, just having a good ol time! The song was over and I grabbed my iPod to put on something he would enjoy. He said "you can leave it on", a big grin spread across my face, I didn't wait for him to change his mind! Now, if you ask me, that's love! He's willing to listen to MY music! Sigh...

I've learned that they are opening a Whole Foods on Maui in the spring of 2010. They are going to need 140 people, if all goes well, we'll be there then. Seriously contemplating applying! I can only imagine all the fresh, local food they'll have!

We will be in Maui, for our research trip, in 19 days. Today Dan booked a trip, an excursion, to snorkel. Check out their description:

This 'double the fun' excursion includes snorkeling at Molokini Marine Preserve plus a second snorkel stop at Turtle Arches, a dazzling reef off Maui’s south coast known for its underwater lava arches and large resident population of green sea turtles. Pacific Whale Foundation’s certified marine naturalists give a free guided reef tour to point out sights you could easily miss on your own! We also include all of the snorkel gear, reef safe sunscreen, "learn to snorkel" class for beginners, and a Jr. naturalist program for kids. Each party receives a complimentary color guide, "Enjoying Maui's Unique Ocean Environment" and free dolphin or sea turtle poster. Rash guards are also available for rent (cash only).

This eco-tour cruise includes a tropical continental breakfast with fresh baked pastries, local island fruits, and juices, freshly brewed Kona or Maui coffee. For lunch enjoy a delightful barbecue with grilled chicken, hot dogs and veggie burgers served on fresh rolls with all dressings and condiments. We also serve delicious pasta salad and chips. To quench your thirst we provide a variety of chilled sodas, juices and filtered water, beer, wine and of course our famous Mai Tais.

Mmmm, I can't wait!


  1. That is, indeed, true love! You two are the cutest couple I know...I hope to one day find what you have. :)

    I'm so envious of your upcoming has me wanting to move my trip to Costa Rica up a few months. LOL

  2. Thanks! You will find what we have. Just believe it will come when the time is right and let go. Once it comes, remember it will be hard, it will take a lot of work. You will have to examine why you do things and if they are worth changing. You will cry, scream, avoid, want to leave. But perservere, it is worth working through it because coming out on the other side is the best thing in my life!