Friday, September 4, 2009

Already Acting Like a Local

Coffee (and a smoke) makes everything better! We went back to Beach Bums for breakfast.

Last night I got the current issue of Maui Times, it's like a Westword. They wrote an article about all the resturant specials now that tourist season is over. Turns out Beach Bums has buy 1 breakfast get 1 free 24/7! So crab cakes benedict are on the way! It seems to me that the folks in Lahaina are rich and having a hard time keeping up their lifestyle now that there are less tourists and less of those tourists are buying things they don't need. Dan is sitting right across from me having an animated phone conversation with a lady who wants to buy our car. Her questions are: does it sound good? Why yes, it sounds awesome! What kind of stereo does it have? Looks like we may be able to sell it when we get home! Our waitress, a happy, married, mother of 4, says it's great here. She only took this job because her husband, a big game hunter, wants to retire in Montana and the money she makes goes straight to that. Although, now her husbands work is slowing down and more of her money is going into checking instead of savings. When I ask her about a lot of people leaving, she shrugs and says people are always leaving the island. They get island fever. No worries she says, see you in October!

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