Friday, September 4, 2009

Piilani Gardens Apartments

This is a maybe. Lucy is ok but Baxter is too big. Helen Joswick was fantastic. We were there for about an hour. She showed us around we liked the "b" sized apartment.

Coming in at 900 SF, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath with "backyard" is some place we could live. $1200.00 a month (first month + security deposit - 1350). Water is paid for, utilities run between $40.00 and $250.00 a month, depending on a/c useage. She is going to talk to the owner, maybe she'll let bigger dogs in. The concern is their bark, I tell her we'd be the perfect couple to experiment on cuz our dogs don't bark. Monthly:

$ 1200.00 Rent
100. Electric
500. Food
100. Car/renters insurance
300. Health insurance
100. Fuel for Jeep
20. Internet
145. Phone

$2365 total. $10.00 hr. Full time job will cover it. Off to Paradise Gardens Apartments. Their limit for dogs is 35lbs but Lisa says we should go by anyway. Kinda nervous, Helen said they were gross!
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  3. 10hr fulltime will cover it??

    40 Hours at $10 per hour is $400.00 x 4 = $1600 per month...

    That barely covers it.

  4. Thanks for the blog! My husband and I are thinking of doing the same thing. We checked out Pilani Garden Apartments when we were there in 2011. We loved them. Please update on other apartments you have looked at.

  5. DONT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!! Too many issues to even start. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

  6. Prepare to be ripped off!
    Look elsewhere!

  7. Do not rent here if you value your privacy and a peaceful environment with civilized neighbors. The maintenance crew is first class, but that is about all. The rental agreement spells out all the tenant rules. They seem adequate at first glance until after you are renting and realize that they are not enforced. Whether you stay or go is of no concern to the management. In fact the turnover is so high and the amount of the security deposit returned so low at these apartments that management is making money from the constant turnover of unhappy tenants. The traffic noise is almost constant and the landscaping crew is always running their power equipment 7 days a week. The apartments are impossible to keep clean. The front office will tell you that it is the sugar cane burning, but this is not the case. The incessant leaf blowing and landscaping plus the trade winds constantly blow dirt into the apartments. If you already rent there and are going to leave, hold back the last month’s rent if you expect to get any of your security deposit back. If the management has all your money, you have no bargaining power. Mahalo