Monday, January 11, 2010


Ahhhhh, sleep. We woke at 7am, what a relief! Still not feeling completely refreshed, as a good night's sleep aught to make you feel, we dragged ourselves out of bed to ready our selves for another day,  a full day of packing. After a breakfast of cream of wheat, Dyanne came over to help me. She made herself a little workstation and I brought her stuff to pack. It was a really efficient system and we were able to get everything done but the kitchen. Dan cleaned out the basement and now we have several piles;  taking, donating, friends and family and we have a big ol' trash pile for the guys tomorrow! We sat down to a lunch that I dubbed "crabs on black sand with white foam". It was the leftover crab from Greg's house mixed in a white gravy over black rice. I served it with a Colorado red that Missy gave us at the going away party. A lady from craig's list came over to buy my body bugg and left with a lot of other stuff and our realtor came by for the lock box, leaving me with a sarong and Dan with a Hawaiian CD. After everyone left Dan and I hauled out the furniture that is being donated and put it in the garage. Our plans with Tiffany and Brian were cancelled so we got to stay home and relax. Halfway through the movie "Rare Birds" I fell asleep, Dan woke me when it was over, I was in such a deep sleep I went straight to bed!

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