Monday, May 10, 2010


Jillian and I are rushing to fill the Papayas order. It's hot and we, like the produce, are wilting. "I'm just so nervous about this order, I mean it's for Dan and he is such a perfectionist." I say. To which Jillian replies "Well, look who he married." I don't know if she's saying I'm perfect =) or I'm a perfectionist also. Later that evening, I tell Dan and he suggests that I am indeed a perfectionist. Shocked I defensively reply that I have standards and that doesn't mean I'm a perfectionist. We laugh, I see in essence I am arguing semantics.  Something new to contemplate, I have never seen myself as a perfectionist. But I can see it coalescing in my minds eye, little things that point towards perfection and the desire to get things done right. This blog for example, I have not had the time to write posts that sort of bring you here. I like to describe what I see, feel, taste, touch and smell so that you can feel like you are here experiencing it with me. This takes a lot of time and I have not had that time so I have not posted. Several weeks ago, my buddy John (congratulations on the promotion!) suggested I write shorter posts more often so he could keep up on what is going on. Makes sense and even takes some of the pressure off but...did I do it?

What is going on? A lot! I am trying not to feel overwhelmed, trying to focus on all the beauty. I mean we live in paradise right? As my loving friend Deb pointed out, this is traumatic. I replaced my whole life; "security", everything and everyone I know with something totally different. So, instead of expecting everything to turn out perfectly well, I should relax, enjoy the ride. Easier said than done. I guess I am someone who needs to be gainfully employed, have everything perfectly planned out and busy. I do have a job now, working with Jillian at the farm. Instead of being happy about it (which I am) I am struggling with the lack of structure, something that Deb chalks up to island style or island time. So right now, I am learning how to take myself less seriously. Lower my "standards" (expectations) and go with the flow.

Dan is happily supplying Papayas with as much local produce as possible, being social and making connections, relaxing on his days off or fixing things around the house. We have a lot of plants from the farm or local farmers (avocado, taro, thyme, oregano, and Jamaican lilikoi) that need to be planted.

We are busy, so much going on the details overwhelm me so...none of that. This afternoon we are going to snorkel, have a little fun and relax. Tomorrow, we are meeting with the folks I am catering for in June. Last weekend we celebrated Lei Day (May Day) and went to the 97th birthday of the lighthouse in Kilauea. I am trying to be imperfect and go with the flow. Right now, the flow is telling me to post some pics and get on to something else like a nap or a good book!

Our fellow student and friend Tiana won an award for her lei made with veggies and herbs from the farm, the first time she has ever entered the competition!

Outside the Kauai Museum on Lei Day

Award winning leis

How they are made

Inside the Kauai Museum where all the leis were on display

This Ni'ihau lei goes for $2400.00, we saw one for $10,000.00!

You could make your own lei for $1.00!

On the way to the lighthouse Dan stopped and got me a lei

97 year old Kilauea lighthouse celebration. Once a year you can go into the lighthouse, it's closed the rest of the time. In July it will be closed for 3 years for renovations. You will be able to go to the lighthouse, you just can't go inside. We made it in the nick of time!

The view from the lighthouse

The beach in the distance is Secrets Beach. We climbed down that cliff to get there. The houses on the left are the ones movie stars (George Clooney and Johnny Depp at the moment) rent for $6000.00 a night! 

We had our first whale sighting. For 20 minutes we watched a mama and baby breach over and over again until they were out of sight.

Time to go up! The lighthouse was the first thing people traveling from Asia would see.

The 250,000 candlepower Fresnel lens weighs 4 tons and is made of 400 hand ground glass prisms.

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  1. If you are still...perfection will find you in a rainbow or a starry night, a smile..