Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ideas for Work

I really appreciate all of the support some friends are giving us at work. Bill, Dyanne, and Mark are just about as excited as we are! Deb too, but she's not working here anymore :( Every time they see us they ask for the latest, listen attentively, and provide lots of positivity and support. It makes it even more exciting to be around people who are excited! I'm so excited!! Today I have received a plethora of ideas from them. Private movie location tours with gourmet lunches, Mark found me a list of movie locations in Kauai, wedding videos, concierge, pet watching, grocery shopping, personal chef for time shares, web design, giving property managers flyers, making business cards for each venture, private boat tours. Plus, there's Dan and my ideas. Ultimately, we'd love to buy a boat and give small scuba tours to people who know how to scuba. No newbie, tourist, I'm afraid something bad is going to happen folks. Seasoned adults who like to experience life and eat well. While Dan is out on the boat, I could be on a nicely shaded beach grilling up some just caught fish. I'd serve that with freshly baked bread and some really good olive oil to dip into, a fresh salad, tropical fruit and custard parfait or tart for dessert, tropical drinks (with fresh fruit juice). I'll have a table that seats up to 8 (with the comfiest seats I can find), dressed with a nice table cloth. Some meats, cheese and crackers set atop. Maybe some votives for ambiance. Music or ocean for setting the audio mood? Something nice like jazz or native Hawaiian music? I'm going to have to go native Hawaiian. Relaxed, comfortable, delicious, abundant, healthy(ish). Dan has considered doing landscaping for the city (full time work with benefits), tile work (mosaic specifically), working on a boat, wood carving and Hawaiian art internet sales. Dyanne even suggested that Dan design my personal chef web site for practice and as a demo. I am considering becoming certified in yoga and teaching classes. Hit up the resorts and give classes to guests on the beach in the morning or evenings. I could be a personal chef for some of those clients or for the tour boats. I'm accepting ideas for naming the personal chef company. So far I like Fresh Hawaiian (I like Hawaiian Fresh even better but Hawaiian Fresh is a marketing and distribution company for fresh Hawaiian agricultural produce and seafoods). I could work as a waitress at a high end restaurant that serves fresh, local, organic food, and snorkel in the mornings. I would even work on a farm or nursery/greenhouse and/or work on a boat. We have thought about personal hiking tours. Of course, we'll bring our resumes and demo reels (something I want to work on this weekend) and try to get some work in video...maybe...

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